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Genpak Can Help Deliver the Goods. More on Amazon’s $14 billion Acquisition of Whole Foods

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amazon Whole Foods Market storefront

Who’s Whole Foods’ daddy now? Amazon. Delivery/pickup is not your average trend but a lifestyle that’s expected to reach exponential growth and become more modified. E-commerce giant Amazon has dominated the fresh territory of grocery retail after it’s nearly $14 billion acquisition of the high-end grocer back in 2017. The e-commerce giant has addressed the need of consumers who are accustomed to the old-fashioned brick-and-mortar stores. They have benefited customers in price, online shopping convenience, and engaging platforms that will drive its business forward. A new ad campaign with slogan, “Whatever Makes You Whole” targeted millions of shoppers who are seeking variety in the stale grocery market.

How are consumers adapting to the new trend?amazon stat

Although it’s impact has reached several grocery stores across the market, deli and bakery items are not excluded from the adjustment. Progression is a noticeable factor for Amazon accounts, but not so easy for a grocery chain selling food with an expiration date. Because of this, Amazon hasn’t completely withdrawn Whole Foods shoppers from the brick and mortar scene, but they have provided consumers with another method of shopping for convenience. Grocery delivery services are recognized as need amongst shoppers with fast-paced lifestyles. Thus, Amazon has introduced technologies such as kiosks, tablets, and mobile devices to improve the grocery shopping experience.

Genpak products are still in the mix as you can spot our sustainable packaging across grocery chains, restaurant chains, supply stores, food trucks, and more! When it comes to the grocery retail market, our products offer market flexibility as a powerhouse to consumer needs. Genpak meets this demand with reputable innovations like Oven Ready Food Trays, Smart Set Pro, Clear Hinged Foodservice Containers, and ProView to propel foodservice industry growth.

What are your thoughts on grocery delivery?

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Product Spotlight – November

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Supermarket Containers! We just launched a brand new line of clear PET food packaging and we are calling them Supermarket Containers. What is great about these products is their versatility. The number of possible applications is as long as that last red light before home on a Friday night.

We have designed in a very user friendly, wide mouth opening which allows easy dippin’ access should something like salsa or some other dip be used.supermarket container  No longer do consumers need to dispense the contents into another bowl for enjoyment when dipping tortilla or other large chips.

Our new foodservice packaging items carry the  #1 recyclable symbol which means they can be recycled in most curb side municipal pick up programs. The green lover, eco-conscious minded folks will also appreciate the fact that our new Supermarket Containers are also produced with up to 45% post consumer recycled content!

Some other great features with our new packaging are:

  • One common lid fits across all sizes
  • Freezer safe
  • Works well with automated fill & seal lines
  • Can accept a film seal in conjunction with lid use
  • Can be reused in the household for leftovers

Supermarket ContainersWhat’s not to love about them I ask you? Multiple applications, tons of features and eco-conscious to boot. Come on. You know you want to so just drop us a line today and learn more about our products. You’ll love them. I guarantee it.