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Easily Bring Recycling Into Your Restaurant Or Foodservice Business

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recycling chartThere are different ways in which food service businesses are environmentally friendly. Some use locally grown produce. Some offer reusable containers and packaging, or allow customers to bring their own in. Some use containers that are compostable or made of recycled content. Others use eco friendly chemicals for cleaning. Some find ways to conserve water doing dishes, while still others Use solar power or wind power to generate electricity. The list goes on and on, and many are finding new ways to make Go Green part of the way they do business.

For those businesses that have not initiated any eco friendly movements yet, or think it may be too hard to get started, we want to provide steps to incorporate one of the easiest eco friendly things you can do: Read the rest of this entry »

Food & Food Packaging in the News

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Happy new year my friends! A new year brings new opportunities and trends to track. Here’s a list of interesting food trends for 2013 to check out. I don’t know about you, but brined Moroccan lemons won’t make my table this year.

Distributor relationships can help restaurants thrive. I’d take this article one step further and advise food operators to also forge relationships with the manufacturers themselves. As a manufacturer of food packaging, I can tell you we can bring expertise to our particular area of your business. Excellent distribution relationships are important to be sure, but don’t pass up the opportunity to pick the brains of your actual manufacturer as well. Have a question about food packaging, just let us know.

Now here are some beef trends that I could really sink my teeth into. The slow cooked meats have to be my favorite.

Students will be offered the opportunity to tag along with Supermarket industry veterans at the upcoming NGA show. What a great way to keep momentum alive within an industry.

Here’s an interesting opinion on how to up-sell quick service restaurants.

RFID or radio frequency identification is now being successfully used at restaurants to streamline service operations. I think this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of high tech gadgetry making it’s way into food service and even food packaging industries.

Food Packaging in the News

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Food packaging actually helps the environment. Think of all the food packaging that protects the foods you eat every day. Now think of what would happen to all that food if the packaging was not there.

Will the Affordable Care Act (aka Obama Care) hurt the restaurant industry?  Many top level restaurant execs discuss their options moving forward.

Smart Phone use to find restaurants is on the rise. Personally, I’ve used my smart phone to find a place to eat many times.

Snack sized portions are clearly on the rise. When the worlds largest restaurant chain makes moves like this, you can bet serious research has gone into it. The good news for you all, is we have got snack sized portion food containers of all shapes and sizes from clear packaging to traditional insulated packaging.

Food Packaging & Food Industry News

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Packaging can make or break a meal. I could not have said it better.

Sustainable trends in food packaging. It seems packaging is constantly in the cross hairs, but there is no doubt the packaging industry is making great strides in reducing the amounts of materials used while still producing a functional part. The bullet points midway through this article really tells a compelling tale.

QR Codes are popping up everywhere. I don’t know about you, but I really like these little things. They make it very easy to inform customers about topics regarding a product.

Food Packaging News: Myths, Cause Marketing And More

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Packaging news worth a look.

Higher food costs not linked to ethanol production. The same conclusion should be drawn to food packaging derived from corn.

Plastics and myths. This is just to show we don’t filter out “bad press”. Of course this blogger is an expert in telling only half or sometimes even a quarter of the story. You can’t lump all plastics into one group. Many of her “myth” conclusions are totally inaccurate. For example her myth one about using recycled material in the production of new products does not lessen the need for virgin material. Completely false. The products would be made regardless. By using recycled material it certainly does reduce the need for virgin resources. We have used over 14 million pounds of post consumer recycled material within our products. That’s 14 million less pounds of virgin needed. Also, our own EPA concluded that recycling and using products with post consumer content is one of the best ways to divert materials normally headed for the solid waste stream. Read it with a grain of salt.

Nano technology for food packaging. Here’s a small article that is interesting. Sorry couldn’t resist the pun.

Super size me no more. Studies show folks actually want smaller portion sizes. Hey, and it didn’t take a government mandate. Go figure.

Food packaging can do more than just protect & market a food item. It can also help with “cause marketing”.

Food Packaging News: Polystyrene, 2 Piece Containers And More

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Here’s a few late week food packaging related articles (and 1 video) that are worth reviewing.

Recycling technology will continue to change the way we dispose of items…for the better!

California residents will soon be paying more for their take-out food, grocery store meat and any other food product that uses polystyrene.  If you live an in California and don’t want to see this happen, call your local elected official and voice your concern.

Polystyrene food packaging is safe.  We could have told you that, it’s been safely used for decades to keep hot food hot and cold food cold.

Two piece food packaging on display at this year’s National Restaurant Show in Chicago.