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Home Delivery Explosion Continues – Are you ready?

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The home delivery explosion isn’t ending any time soon. Are you ready? Every restaurant should be at least thinking about making this option accessible to their communities. On-demand food service delivery brings food directly from your restaurant to the customers, driven through mobile apps and online ordering.

Millennials are driving change in many different areas, food service included. As you might have guessed, Millennials are tech savvy, typically using up to two or three different devices each day. They are using said devices to connect with friends and companies, to research and review products, and to place food orders for delivery or take-out. They already love coming in to your restaurant, so why not connect to them when they don’t feel like eating out.

The restaurant industry is a roughly $490 billion market. Food delivery makes up 43% of that marketing and is continuing to grow. Engage with your loyal customers in and out of your restaurant. Millennials and Baby Boomers, alike, want great food at their finger tips.

RestaurantBusiness.com has a great article about how to get started with food delivery. There are lots of questions to ask before you get started in offering your food for delivery. Which service should I use, how will this change my business? Are we prepared to take on the increase in take-out orders? Do we have the right packaging for full meals to travel?

Genpak is here to help. Take a look at our home delivery video to get free samples, request a call, and learn more.


Food Packaging in the News

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Food packaging actually helps the environment. Think of all the food packaging that protects the foods you eat every day. Now think of what would happen to all that food if the packaging was not there.

Will the Affordable Care Act (aka Obama Care) hurt the restaurant industry?  Many top level restaurant execs discuss their options moving forward.

Smart Phone use to find restaurants is on the rise. Personally, I’ve used my smart phone to find a place to eat many times.

Snack sized portions are clearly on the rise. When the worlds largest restaurant chain makes moves like this, you can bet serious research has gone into it. The good news for you all, is we have got snack sized portion food containers of all shapes and sizes from clear packaging to traditional insulated packaging.

Food Packaging & Food Industry News

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Packaging can make or break a meal. I could not have said it better.

Sustainable trends in food packaging. It seems packaging is constantly in the cross hairs, but there is no doubt the packaging industry is making great strides in reducing the amounts of materials used while still producing a functional part. The bullet points midway through this article really tells a compelling tale.

QR Codes are popping up everywhere. I don’t know about you, but I really like these little things. They make it very easy to inform customers about topics regarding a product.

Food Packaging in the News: Government Regulations, BPA And More

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Sustainable mushroom packaging. Now that’s pretty cool.

More government regulations and delays are hurting the food and food packaging industry.

Occasion based wine, packaging tells the story of the grape. The last paragraph of this story is a testament to the power of packaging.

Ask for help when running your food service business. Okay so this one really doesn’t have anything to do with food packaging, but it does mirror a theme we’ve been preaching for some time now. That is to ask the experts in certain areas of your business for help before it becomes a problem. When it comes to food packaging, pick up the phone or type out an email and ask the question.

BPA deemed not a health risk from food packaging, in Canada. Just in case you were wondering, no Genpak products contain or have ever contained BPA.

Possible new substrate for food packaging. I’ll bet if some scientist worked hard enough, they could figure out how to use fingernail clippings as a suitable substrate. Okay that’s kinda gross, but you get the idea. The real trick is to introduce a substrate that packaging manufacturers can use on their equipment with little to no modifications and that is economically viable in the market.

Food Packaging News: Sustainability And Packaging Bans

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The city leaders of Hermosa Beach, CA have voted to increase the cost of doing business on already struggling restaurant and grocery store operations in their community. They have done so by instituting a governmental ban on polystyrene food packaging. Now these businesses will be forced by the government, to source alternative packaging solutions that could be as much as 3 times as expensive as their current choice. As I’ve said a hundred times before, if food operators choose to go the route of compostable food packaging, we support that 100%. In fact our line of Harvest Fiber products would fit that need. What we oppose is the local government forcing companies who may not be ready to handle such a transition, to do so. All this ban will do is replace one type of litter for another, put undo pressure on already hurting businesses and outsource jobs to China. Yes, most polystyrene foam food service products are produced right here in the U.S., while nearly all compostable packaging comes from China.

Edible food packaging. Sounds like something right out of Willy Wonka. Wonder what the nutritional value is?

Is sustainable packaging starting to catch on? This particular article indicates sustainability plays a major roll in consumers minds when making purchases. We have an active survey on our website right now asking what is most important when purchasing food packaging. Pop over and submit your answer to see the current results.

Food Packaging New: Trends for Food Packaging

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Recycled content in food packaging plays a big role in consumer’s choices at the retail shelf. Packaging is playing a much more important role than in years past. Food safety, integrity and merchandising are all huge factors when choosing the correct packaging.

Panda Restaurant group is testing a brand new plate that allows consumer’s to choose three slightly smaller entree portions instead of two larger portions. I really like that design. That plate manufacturer is really on the ball 🙂

Campbell Soups decide to move away from BPA lining in soup cans. This is a case where a company was confident in the safety of its products, but still made the choice to make a change based on consumer demand. Who knows if there was a significant percentage of consumers that had strong opinions on this matter or not. My guess is probably not, but it still highlights the power consumers have in the products they choose to support.

Packaging News

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Big companies think big when it comes to green packaging.

Packaging is more than just a means of transporting an item.

Styrofoam the great evil! Are you scared now? Don’t be. This article is a perfect example of someone who writes as if they have researched a topic, but in fact have done little to no research at all. Nearly all of the “facts” this person sites are completely inaccurate, misleading and contradictory to proven science. I love the comments at the end by folks who are in the know.

Packaging can influence buying decisions across all markets. Carrots in vending machines? Brilliant!

Food service packaging plays a critical role in the success or lack thereof in many food operations. It can no longer be looked at as an after thought, but rather part of the solutions to achieve business success.

Considerations that should be mulled over when contemplating new food packaging options.

Food Packaging Industry News: Food Costs, Green Options And More

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As a new feature to the Genpak blog, we’ve decided to publish links to various newsworthy stories within (and sometimes outside) the food packaging industry. So turn your Google Alerts off and rely on us to filter through all the nonsense and bring you articles worth reading.

Food costs are on the rise. Higher commodity prices are driving food costs up. Shoot, just fill your car up and you can see what’s causing much of this increase.

Mobil food trucks serve up flexibility. I call this good old fashion American ingenuity. It’s what makes this the greatest nation on earth. The ability to adapt.

More “green” options will continue to emerge as companies work to not only improve what is available now, but push the envelope on new substrates. Now if we can just make them economical.

McDonald’s offers a healthy food option in their Happy Meals. Pressure from various groups have pushed this cause. I’ve posted before that the government should not be telling us what we can and can’t eat via ridiculous bans of various forms, but I think McDonald’s is doing the right thing by offering choices. It’s the food choices we must all make that determines our weight.