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Introducing The New Harvest Fiber Kraft Rectangles!

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Harvest Fiber Kraft Rectangle ContainersIntroducing the latest additions to the Harvest Fiber product line: HFR016, 16oz. container; HFR024, 24oz. container; and the HFR032, 32oz. container. The Harvest Fiber Kraft Rectangles are perfect for several occasions, including grab n’ go, takeout, and much more. They have superior strength, a modern appearance, and are also grease and oil resistant. Made from an all natural bagasse material, they are stackable lightweight and easy to carry. The Harvest Fiber Rectangle Container in size 16oz. can be paired with the matching lid FPR916, while the HFR024 and HFR032 best fit the FPR932 or the FPR932S. We are proud to say that this product effortlessly meets the demand for compostable and eco-friendly packaging.

As a leading manufacturer in environmentally sustainable products, we strive to meet your eco-friendly goals. To learn more about our compostable Harvest Fiber Kraft products, click here. To request free samples, click here.

Compostable | All natural, fiber substrate | GMO free | Genpak engineered designs

APET or OPS? The Difference is CLEAR.

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The Hard, Brittle Truth Behind OPS

Transparent food packaging is becoming a driving force in a faster purchasing decisions. So, when it comes to OPS and APET, the difference is clear. OPS is an oriented polystyrene that can be formed into plastic. This substrate is a cheaper option, but this low-priced material can only go so far. APET is anamorphous polyethylene terephthalate, and is uncompromising, safe, sustainable, and worth the investment. Here are the unparalleled qualities in APET that makes OPS “crack” under pressure.

1 | Unmatched Clarity

There’s nothing more important in food service than authentic food presentation. It benefits both the operator who displays the food item and the consumer who makes the purchasing decision. While OPS is usually made for bakery food items, APET material offers a heightened transparency.

Even with lids, APET is unmatched with superior clarity. You don’t have to confirm that you have Coke or tea, and water or Sprite. Since OPS lids produce haziness, you sometimes can’t help but lift the lid to guarantee that you have the right refreshment. APET on the other hand, is much more transparent where consumers can ensure that they have the right beverage without having to peep through a blurry lid.

2 | Longer Shelf Life

Every food item has an expiration date, and APET is a great candidate for offering a longer shelf life. Its structural integrity serves as a defense against oxygen to prolong the lifespan of a food item. This substrate also works well under cooler temperatures up to -20◦F, safe for a refrigerator or freezer. From transporting the container from one location to the next, consumers can ensure that it’s effective in preserving a food item without caving in or cracking open.

OPS is limited in versatility when it comes to preserving food items at room temperature or in a cooler setting. It’s very brittle and is more likely to shatter. Oxygen can easily seep into a container made from this substrate and cause food spoilage.

3 | Strong and Safe

APET is durable, cut resistant, and uncompromising when handled. OPS tends to be rough around the edges, making it difficult to get along with. As a company that thrives off safety, we recognize that OPS is a risky investment because it is a firm plastic that’s prone to cracking. Brittle substrates like this can challenge your safety, causing scratches and cuts. It leaves behind sharp edges when cracked, which is why it is not a recommended substrate for drinking cups.

4 | #1 Curbside Recyclable

APET is a versatile substrate that is widely accepted by most municipalities curb side recycling programs. Most recycling firms do not accept OPS because it is more difficult to break down and reconstruct. Genpak’s transparent containers are constructed with APET and up to 30% post-consumer recycled content, in our conservational efforts to eliminate waste, and reduce the burden on the environment.

At Genpak, we’re passionate about engineering products that perfectly blend with immediate packaging needs. These options can be found in our Hinged Deli Containers, Hinged Bakery Containers, Supermarket Containers, Hinged Food Containers, and Drink Cups. We ensure a forerunning spot in markets where APET products are needed.

clear deli containers - APET

Product Spotlight – March

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March. Now here’s a green month if I ever saw one. Of course there is March Madness where I typically loose around 50 green backs in the office pool. St. Patrick’s Day is good for several pints of my favorite green lager. And let’s not forget that Dr. Seuss was born in the month of March. What’s green about that? Hello, Green Eggs and Ham! One other thing is that Uranus was discovered in March. No there’s nothing green about that. I just wanted to type Uranus (insert your own crude joke here).

Now that you are thinking green (those of you still on Uranus can come back to us now) let’s talk about our Deli containers. Crystal clear yes, but green non the less. I read somewhere that people like bullet points, so instead of a paragraph of info, here’s the bullet point version:

  • Made from APET which is #1 curbside recyclable
  • Made using up to 50% post consumer recycled content
  • And now is endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association

That’s right, our deli line is now endorsed by the GRA! If you know the GRA you’ll know they only endorse products that meet there very strictGRA Endorsed logo standards and guidelines. Restaurants and food service operator can earn up to two points from the GRA by utilizing our Hinged Deli Containers. This will get them two points closer to becoming a Certified Green Restaurant. Also, I’m happy to report that our Clear Hinged Deli food containers are the only clear hinged products that currently carry their endorsement.

The other great features of this line are:

  • Patented 360° seal
  • Patented hinged closure
  • Freezer safe
  • Works with automated fill & seal equipment

deli containersHeard enough? If not, just shoot us a note and ask for some samples so you may give it your own test. I’m confident you’ll like what you see.

Why buy products made from PCR?

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The Federal Trade Commission defines recycled content materials as those that have been recovered or diverted from the solid waste stream. Recycled content can be broken into two categories. Post consumer and pre-consumer, which may also be referred to as post industrial. Post consumer content, as its name implies, are materials that have been used by consumers. Examples are clear plastic water and soda bottles made from P.E.T. that carry the #1 recycle symbol. Post industrial is scrap that is generated during the normal manufacturing process that is recycled back into its raw material state and used again.

At Genpak, we began producing our clear Hinged Deli products using post consumer recycled (PCR) content back in early 2007. Since then we have expanded that program to include all of our clear APET products. post consumer recycled content containers

The EPA states “There’s more to recycling than setting out your recyclables at the curb. In order to make recycling economically feasible, we must buy recycled products and packaging. When we buy recycled products, we create an economic incentive for recyclable materials to be collected, manufactured and marketed as new products. Buying recycled products has both economic and environmental benefits. Purchasing products made from or packaged in recycled materials saves resources for future generations.”

For our part, just in 2009 we used nearly 14 million pounds of post consumer resin for our APET products. To put that into perspective, it is the equivalent of diverting nearly 280 million water bottles from landfills! Breaking it down even further to a customer level, you can say that for every 200 cases of our very popular AD16 purchased, you have helped us divert 17,600 bottles that were destined for a landfill. Not only are our Deli containers made with up to 50% post consumer recycled content, but they are also still #1 recyclable! It’s a win-win.

For more information or to request samples just drop us a line and we’ll get you everything you need to know.

Tips from Allan

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Allan Levit

Allan Levit

1.  Genpak AD Deli containers can be used for almost any application. I once had the maintenance department of a nursing home use our deli containers to store screws, nails and drill bits. We’ve also had businesses use them for plastic worms used for fishing lures.

2.  I have a Cuban bakery using our AD04 & AD06 deli containers for single serve size flan (creme caramel) desserts.

3.  Another use for our 21100 hot dog container is that it can be used with ice cream for banana splits.