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4 Must-Have Packaging Features for Takeout & Delivery

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In the world of “to-go,” constant changes are being made to food packaging, restaurant design, and overall operations to achieve a consumer-focused experience. Some changes aren’t always so complex, but convenient- and that’s a characteristic that Genpak lives by. Here are 4 must-have food packaging features that significantly shape the modern-day consumer lifestyle.

Close-off food packaging3 compartment closed off food container

Compartmented containers are always convenient for side portioned food items, which require separating. Years ago, we at Genpak launched our first close-off container with the 203CO, and have since translated that feature over to our microwave-safe products. Our ProView close-off solution has addressed food migration concerns by adding compartments in the base of a container and the lid. We are capable of promoting zero food migration with durable packaging that reigns superior against our competitors.

Stackable feature

There is nothing worse than carrying multiple containers, only to have them collapse after taking a few steps or when placing them in the car. With the emergence of optional take-out family meals that can be enjoyed at home, work, or school, Genpak’s stackable feature helps consumer meals go the extra mile. We have engineered our stackable containers in such a way that will secure multiple containers in place for portability and carrying with ease.


Perhaps everyone loves food right off the grill, and it’s even better when enjoyed anywhere, everywhere, and at any time. We’ve caught the drift with our vented-lid, which is found in our new black and clear ProView container. Everyone wants to see their food, especially when it’s fresh off the grill. So, this feature makes it even more convenient for both the operator and the consumer by providing food authenticity and order accuracy. Clover is produced from premium polypropylene material, Clover™ offers the versatility of a microwave-safe container and can be vented while stacked.


Sustainability is a high priority for consumers. In fact, studies from the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association (IFMA) have shown that ​consumers will even go as far as ​voicing their displeasure ​to their favorite restaurants​ if packaging is perceived as unsafe for the environment. ​Recyclable items, like Smart Set Pro, ProView, and Clover send a message to consumers that you are thinking about the future.

Stay locked in for the next line up of features that define convenience for today’s consumer lifestyle.

What Are the Benefits of Using Foam Alternative Packaging for Food Service?

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Harvest Fiber Foam Alternative PackagingAre local laws dictating you use foam alternative packaging at your restaurant? In the past few years, major metropolitan cities like New York, San Diego, Miami Beach, Seattle and Washington, DC have banned styrofoam packaging, also known as polystyrene, for environmental reasons.

While this has shaken up a lot of the ways restaurants traditionally thought about takeout and leftover containers, there are several key advantages foam alternative packaging can bring to customers, the environment, and your restaurant!

Whether you are in an area of the country where foam containers were recently banned, or you are considering switching your current foam packaging to foam alternative containers, learn about some of those benefits and the different foam alternative packaging options we offer below!

The Benefits of Foam Alternative Food Service Packaging

Switching from styrofoam packaging to foam alternative containers? Learn about the benefits and packaging options it can bring you!

1. They May Be Biodegradable

Biodegradable, or compostable, refers to material that is capable of being broken down by bacteria and other natural processes in a reasonably short period of time. This compost can then be used as a conditioner to soil to help grow future plants! While polystyrene is not biodegradable, there are foam alternative materials, such as natural plant fiber, that are, which can make your food container 100% compostable.

Our Harvest Fiber container line is completely compostable, which means when placed into a professionally managed compost facility, Harvest Fiber items will turn into compost within 90 days!

2. They May Be Curbside Recyclable

One of the best ways to reduce excess waste in landfills is by recycling. Unlike styrofoam containers, foam alternative products can be made from materials that are curbside recyclable. That means less amount of waste in landfills from food packaging!

Our Proview Hinged Containers and Clover Hinged Containers are both made from polypropylene and do not contain foreign mineral fillers, which means they are recyclable in most communities.

3. They May Be Dishwasher Safe

For customers who want to wash and reuse take out containers, having containers that are dishwasher safe is essential. Using foam alternative containers made from materials that can withstand the heat of dishwashers allows you to provide containers customers can conveniently wash and reuse.

Our Proview Hinged Containers and Clover Hinged Containers are both top rack dishwasher safe, so customers can wash and reuse again and again!

4. They May Be Microwave Safe

Leftover containers that are microwave safe provide an easy and convenient customer experience so customers can reheat leftovers right in the container. While styrofoam packaging is not meant for the microwave, foam alternative packaging can be made from materials that are microwave safe.

Our Proview Hinged Containers and Clover Hinged Containers are both microwave safe, so customers don’t have to dirty another dish when reheating leftovers!

5. They May Offer Superior Food Product Visualization

We’ve all heard the saying “You eat with your eyes first.” And by using clear tops as opposed to foam lids, you have the opportunity to do so! Foam alternative containers with clear lids allows customers to view the deliciousness of your food before they eat it!

Our Proview Hinged Containers showcase food on sleek black bases with clear lids. Whether it’s filled with restaurant leftovers or a grab-and-go meal, food can be viewed with restaurant quality presentation.

6. They May Be Made From Sustainable Materials

Sustainability is the key to ensuring the planet is not depleted of resources for future generations. By using styrofoam alternative containers, you can choose containers made from sustainable materials like bamboo, hemp, and plant fiber.

Our Harvest Fiber products are made using Bagasse (sugar cane fiber), an annually renewable resource, which means those resources can be restored naturally within one year. Likewise, our Harvest Choice Containers are made from paperboard material sources from SFI certified forests, which mean materials come from sustainably harvested forests.

7. Customers Are Asking For Them

Consumer demand drives change. There’s no question that our culture is increasingly becoming more eco-conscious. And as recent policy changes have shown, that has a profound impact on our lives right down to our restaurant takeout containers! More and more consumers are demanding that the restaurants they frequent utilize foam alternative packaging to match their lifestyles and views on environmental sustainability. Show customers you are listening by adopting foam alternative packaging.

Interested in Learning More About Our Foam Alternative Containers?

Whether by policy change or by choice, if you’re new to the world of foam alternative packaging for food service, we’re here to help!

Ask our packaging experts a question or contact our sales team for more information on purchasing our foam alternative food containers.

Food Trucks Create a New Lane in the Restaurant Industry

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food truck illustration
Designed by Freepik

The popularity of food trucks has exploded over the last decade. It’s no longer a good option to have, but a demand from customers that result in a profit guarantee for food truck operators. Today, millions of restaurants are serving their meals on wheels, growing into a $1.2 billion dollar business, according to QSR. Besides having more access to customers than brick and mortar stores, here are 4 unique mobile trends attracting lucrative food truck business success.

Corporate & Event Catering

Food trucks are increasing brand awareness by popping up at corporate parties, weddings, graduations and other parties and fundraising events. Ranging from 100 to 500 customers per event, food trucks attract many guests. The reason being is in the next topic – menu power.

Operators are developing stronger menu power.

Signature menu items make a very powerful brand statement. If customers don’t remember anything at all, they remember how a food truck’s menu item tasted and how they were affected by the overall experience. With this thought in mind, chefs are setting trends by merging new ingredients into meals that aren’t easily spotted in large chains – and that’s the true advantage of food trucks today. When it comes to building a menu, signature items that showcase innovation and creativity should be at the top of the list.

Leveraging technology via social media and automation.

Automation is key to an efficient flow throughout the day-to-day operations of food truck business, and operators are on the constant search for the latest developments that support their model. Among several tech solutions include kiosks for digital ordering, mobile order & pay services, and even automated food equipment to lessen the hassle of food preparation on the truck.

Besides the growth of new tech developments in operations, connecting with customers digitally is the most efficient way to increase sales and customer loyalty. Social media is the new “word of mouth” marketing as customers love to post food experiences with their friends. Food trucks are present at the heart of various social environments. Through technology, operators can advertise their business not only on Facebook, but even post visually appealing menu items on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

Convenient packaging solutions.

Customers enjoy signature menu items from their favorite food truck, but it’s even better when their food is served in convenient, sturdy, and high-quality food packaging. Some of the most common problems in food packaging involves a container that leaks, doesn’t transport well, or not secure enough to eat in a social setting where food trucks are present. For 50 years, Genpak has delivered innovative food packaging that enhances the human experience.

Genpak’s GrubHub Top 10 Ordered Items of 2018

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Looking back on the year of 2018 in food service, we’ve witnessed technological advancements in operations, the release of Genpak’s new products Clover and ProView, and at the heart of it all, new food trends that won the appetites of consumers. One of the most popular food trends stemmed from health consciousness, and it has been a driving force behind consumer food diet this year. Highly requested on the ordering app of America’s top delivery service, GrubHub, these new food cravings made their way to their list of top 10 most ordered foods. According to GrubHub’s latest food report, the bean burrito superseded some of America’s most beloved meals like the baby back pork rib (coming in 4th place) and the chicken sandwich (coming in 6th). Take a look below and let us know what your top favorites are from the list.

  1. Bean burrito (276% more popular)
  2. Poke (205% more popular)
  3. Chicken slider (189% more popular)
  4. Baby back pork rib (165% more popular)
  5. Chicken burrito (164% more popular)
  6. Chicken sandwich (160% more popular)
  7. Cauliflower rice bowl (155% more popular)
  8. Chicken and waffle slider (145% more popular)
  9. Parmesan chicken (139% more popular)
  10. Buffalo cauliflower (124% more popular)


Genpak offers convenient food packaging solutions so that consumers can enjoy their favorite food items in a convenient way. They are microwave safe for hot food any time, vented for freshness and crispness, and recycled into decking, toys and nonfood times. They are also compostable, leak resistant, and stackable to save space. Check it the video below to view our best selections or customer’s most ordered packaging. For more information, click here.

Breakfast All-Day, Everyday is Soaring Across Food Chains

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black to go containers with food

All day breakfast has been a main player in a pool of ever-changing foodservice trends. Gone are the days when you were limited to enjoying your delicious breakfast, only for it to notoriously end at 10:30 A.M. This left last-minute customers anticipating a mouth-watering breakfast with hot coffee, until the lunch menu to flips over with the past never to return. Today’s restaurants are breaking the cycle of boredom, and consumers can now order their most craved breakfast items around the clock. The new breakfast expansion also inspires food product innovation, where chefs can build creative menus to excite the taste buds of customers.

Responding immediately to new trends prompt productive business that translates into increased sales. One example of that is McDonald’s thriving all-day-breakfast menu launched in 2015. It consisted of McGriddles, McMuffins, breakfast burritos, biscuits, pancakes, yogurt parfait and hash browns. In the following year, “all day breakfast sales exceeded the company’s expectations,” according to CNN. The trend immediately impacted the growth of other restaurant chains to appeal to a wide range of consumers.

Genpak containers have a long-term effect on the future of foodservice. Best selections for all day breakfast trends include Clover, Harvest Fiber, ProView, and Smart Set Pro. Take a look at our what our finest selections will offer your customers below:

Clover Hinged Containers

“When you are looking for economical alternatives for food packaging, turn to our brand-new Clover™ product line. The unique design of Clover™ lends itself perfectly to take-out and delivery applications as well as for leftovers…”

Harvest Fiber Biodegradable Products

“Genpak Harvest Fiber products are produced using all natural, annually renewable resources that are 100%, BPI certified compostable…”

ProView Hinged Food Containers

“Our new ProView containers combines the best of what food packaging should be…Achieve restaurant-quality presentation at off-premise with ProView…”

Smart Set Pro Food Containers

“If you are looking for something different in your microwave safe containers, look no further. Our Smart Set Pro containers are produced with a revolutionary “textured” microwave safe material that will wow your customers…”

Genpak has the right packaging for innovative meals suitable for any meal of the day. As a leader in manufacturing innovative packaging solutions, you can ensure that customers will be satisfied with the integrity of our food packaging.

Introducing The New Harvest Fiber Kraft Rectangles!

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Harvest Fiber Kraft Rectangle ContainersIntroducing the latest additions to the Harvest Fiber product line: HFR016, 16oz. container; HFR024, 24oz. container; and the HFR032, 32oz. container. The Harvest Fiber Kraft Rectangles are perfect for several occasions, including grab n’ go, takeout, and much more. They have superior strength, a modern appearance, and are also grease and oil resistant. Made from an all natural bagasse material, they are stackable lightweight and easy to carry. The Harvest Fiber Rectangle Container in size 16oz. can be paired with the matching lid FPR916, while the HFR024 and HFR032 best fit the FPR932 or the FPR932S. We are proud to say that this product effortlessly meets the demand for compostable and eco-friendly packaging.

As a leading manufacturer in environmentally sustainable products, we strive to meet your eco-friendly goals. To learn more about our BPI certified compostable Harvest Fiber Kraft products, click here. To request free samples, click here.

BPI Certified compostable | All natural, fiber substrate | GMO free | Genpak engineered designs

Enhance The Customer Experience with These New Food Containers

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Experience is more than just a word when it comes to consumers – it is in fact a high priority. According to TrustPilot.com, “customer experience is how customers perceive their interactions with your company. A successful strategy should be useful, usable, and enjoyable from the customer’s point of view.” With the following new lines of quality Genpak containers, you can ensure that they will offer your customers a convenient take-out/delivery experience.



solution-based sandwich container

ProView does not back down from the competition since it is a distinctive product line for innovative markets. This collection of microwave-safe containers prove to be reliable for off-premise dining, all-day breakfast, grab n’ go, home delivery, and even for the growing ethnic flair that consumers are readily exploring. It features a sleek black base for superior food presentation and a clear lid for authentic visualization, order accuracy, personal branding, and clear labeling. The containers are vented for breathability and have a secured button lock with an audible snap. They are also comprised of a thermoformed polypropylene material to complement a range of food establishments seeking optimum security, strength, and style. ProView offers a variety of sizes, widely ranging from a sandwich/snack container to a jumbo take-out container.




Clover hinged food container
When an economical alternative is required for food packaging, our brand-new Clover Hinged line will fit the bill. These new microwave safe, hinged food containers sport a clean, compact design that is perfect for any take-out program as well as for leftovers. The button lock, 360° leak resistant closure system ensures food products stay inside the container, and not on the delivery car floor. For more information on Clover, click here.



Harvest Fiber

Harvest Fiber Compostable Containers mark an organic print on the environment as it is BPI certified compostable.

Harvest Fiber Kraft hinged containerThe containers are comprised of a base fiber called bagasse, a by-product of the sugar industry. An exclusive snap-it closure system, moisture resistant technology, and stacking rims for multiple to-go meals are vital features that upgrade the Harvest Fiber Kraft collection’s on-the-go abilities for some of your best food choices. With a growing influence of recycling and environmental awareness, this product effortlessly meets the demand for compostable and eco-friendly packaging.

College & Universities Are Playing A Huge Role in Sustainable Food Trends

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VegNews.com - Cafeteria salad buffet

Image Source: VegNews.com

Colleges and universities have always been the powerhouse of ever-changing food concepts. They are reflecting campus menus to meet the demand of students’ food preference across the nation. With a growing concern for healthy food choices and organic labels, the key trend in colleges and universities is an increase in locally sourced produce. According to Foodservice Director’s 2018 College & University Census, 59% of food operators stated that the biggest trends affecting operations are vegan menu items. Out of dairy, baked goods, meats, beverages, and seafood, produce is the number one ingredient sourced locally.

Many cafeterias have already taken the initiative to provide more sustainable campus dining. Duke University’s campus in Durham, North Carolina, offers 59 eateries which also includes organic produce. According to FoodTank.com, 25 percent of the food budget is invested in locally sourced items. Their dining program was awarded gold status for procurement practices in National Association of College and University Food Services’ 2017 Sustainability Awards in May. Providing the greatest demand for convenience, students have the option of getting their meals delivered to their dorms.

You can store your best organic food items in our Harvest Fiber Containers and our  Clear Hinged Deli Containers. Offering strength and security, these containers have a secured button-lock closure system to keep snacks from spilling.

As a forerunner in manufacturing premium quality, single-use foodservice packaging products, we ensure top quality food packaging that is both sustainable and eco-friendly. Here, you can find the latest food trends, product spotlight, and additional tips from your packaging pros.

Design Printing – Where Food Packaging and Branding Meet

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The moment a customer takes a meal home, not only do they focus on the food packaging for convenience, but the branding design to help remember your company. In addition to quality food packaging, your branding design allows for customer recognition, and ensures that your offer food packaging that benefits them. Genpak offers custom printing where you can enhance your company brand. From embossing to spot print, we offer four types of branding prints that will give you a competitive advantage.
hinged container with Genpak branding on it


Embossing is a style that adds texture and dimension to your design It is a method of raising the design on the surface of the material. The design is pressed on to the material from underneath.


Debossing is the opposite of embossing, where the design is sunken into the surface of the material

Random Print.

This type of custom print is a repetitive design is printed across the container.

Spot Print.

This is a method where the design is printed in one specific spot on the container

When it comes to premium packaging that’s convenient for customers, ProView, Clover, and Harvest Fiber are products you don’t want to turn down. Not only are they sustainable, but they are also eco-friendly with several benefits.

For more information on custom printing on Genpak’s high quality food containers, take a look at our quick reference guide.

Wholesome Delis are Trending – Plus More on Harvest Fiber Kraft!

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Harvest Fiber Kraft hinged containers - 2 open and 1 closed

Harvest Fiber in Kraft will increase sales for consumers hungry for ethnic sandwiches and unique breads

Speaking of National Sandwich Month coming up next week, wholesome sandwiches are trending for today’s on-the-go consumer. Deli businesses are introducing cleaner labels, authentic food presentation, and ethnic flavors in their sandwich lineup as an alternative to fast food. Despite the classic BLT or the PB&J, ethnic flavors are topping them both as curious tasters think sandwiches with ethnic flavors are worth the switch-up. According to Technomic, 54% of consumers want restaurants to offer more sandwiches with new or unique flavors and ingredients.

Pair wholesome, ethnic sandwich combos with Genpak’s Harvest Fiber Kraft collection. These containers mark an organic print on the environment as it is BPI certified compostable. Harvest Fiber in Kraft is comprised of a base fiber called bagasse, a by-product of the sugar industry. An exclusive snap-it closure system, moisture resistant technology, and stacking rims for multiple to-go meals are vital features that upgrade the Harvest Fiber Kraft collection’s on-the-go abilities for some of your best food choices. With a growing influence of recycling and environmental awareness, this product effortlessly meets the demand for compostable and eco-friendly packaging.

As a leading manufacturer in environmentally sustainable products, we strive to meet your eco-friendly goals. To learn more about our BPI certified compostable Harvest Fiber Kraft products, click here.