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Introducing Harvest® Fiber Oval Bowls

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Introducing Harvest® Fiber Oval Bowls! Genpak’s excellent additions to the Harvest® Fiber line of sustainable packaging. They are perfect for grab ‘n go and take-out applications when paired with their clear, no leak, over-cap lids. Give your customers a peace of mind and a guilt-free experience to enjoy their take-out meal with Harvest® Fiber food packaging.

HFBB18 – 18 ounce oval bowl

HFBB18LD – lid for 18 ounce bowl

HFBB26 – 26 ounce oval bowl

HFBB26LD – lid for 26 ounce bowl

The Harvest Fiber Oval Bowls are perfect for several occasions, including grab n’ go, takeout, and much more. They have superior strength, a modern appearance, and are also grease and oil resistant. Made from an all-natural bagasse material, they are stackable and easy to carry.

As a leading manufacturer in environmentally sustainable products, we strive to meet your eco-friendly goals. To learn more about our compostable Harvest® Fiber products, click here.

Is Restaurant Takeout Safe During the CoronaVirus Epidemic? YES!

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Restaurant Delivery Person Holding Takeout“Is takeout and delivery from restaurants safe?” That’s what’s on the mind of many Americans as more states are taking precautions and prohibiting any restaurants, bars, and cafes from serving food or drink on premises.

In order to make up for lost business and keep profits in the black, many restaurants and food establishments have begun offering takeout and delivery services for local customers. But with growing concern over the spread of COVID-19, many Americans are questioning if ordering takeout or delivery is safe. Below, we breakdown the facts from government agencies and tips for limiting your exposure when ordering food.

Is it safe to order takeout or delivery from restaurants?

Yes! The CDC, FDA, and USDA have all stated they are not aware of any reports suggesting COVID-19 can be transmitted by food or food packaging.

According to the CDC, the biggest risk of transmission of the Coronavirus is through breathing respiratory droplets of a symptomatic person. Surface-to-surface transmission–like handling takeout containers–is thought to be very low. The risk of contracting the virus through consuming food is also minimal, as viruses are susceptible to heat and cooked food would have inactivated or killed the virus.

Therefore, as long as food businesses are following employee health policies and local health department recommendations to keep infected individuals home (which almost all of them have stated they are), your risk of contracting coronavirus through takeout and delivery from restaurants is extremely low.

How to Safely Order Takeout and Delivery During COVID-19

Although the risk of contracting coronavirus through food or food packaging is low, whether you order takeout or delivery, there are still a few practices to keep in mind to ensure you are limiting any potential exposure to COVID-19.

Tips for Limiting Exposure During Restaurant Takeout

  • Call ahead and pay for your order over the phone, or order online, to limit personal interaction during payment processing.
  • If the restaurant allows it, order curbside pickup option so you do not have to go and wait inside.
  • If you must pick up your order inside, maintain six feet of distance between you, other customers, and the restaurant workers.
  • Wash or your hands or use hand sanitizer immediately after leaving the restaurant.
  • Once home, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after handling any food packages from the outside.
  • Disinfect any surfaces the food containers touched.

Tips for Limiting Exposure with Restaurant Deliveries

  • Avoid face to face interaction with deliverers. Request deliveries to be left on doorstep. (Many big food delivery companies have already adopted a no touch/no interaction policy).
  • Add a tip ahead of time over the phone or leave it on your doorstep in an envelope to avoid interaction.
  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after handling any food packages from the outside.
  • Disinfect any surfaces the food containers touched.

Support Your Local Restaurants with Takeout and Delivery!

Now more than ever, it’s important to support your local restaurants, cafes, and eateries by ordering takeout and delivery, so they can support themselves, their staff, and have the funds to reopen at full capacity when the COVID-19 Epidemic is over!

Support Local Restaurants During the Coronavirus Outbreak!

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Restaurant awningOur local restaurants are in trouble. Many have been ordered to close their doors in order to stop the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), leaving their financial futures in a precarious position. Unable to dine in, there are still ways you can financially support restaurants and the workers they employ during this difficult period.

As restaurants and eateries are the backbone of our company, below we’ve highlighted five different ways you can help support restaurants financially during this time.

5 Ways to Support Local Restaurants During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Wondering how you can support your local restaurants and eateries during the Coronavirus Outbreak? Here are five ways to help restaurants survive this difficult financial period!

Order Takeout & Delivery

While restaurants across the country have chosen or been told to close their doors to diners to enforce social distancing and stop the spread of the Coronavirus, many have transitioned to takeout and delivery only establishments. According to the CDC, FDA, and USDA, there are no reports suggesting COVID-19 can be transmitted by food or food packaging (

Buy Gift Cards

While offering take out and delivery has worked for some restaurants, others have temporarily closed due to financial reasons, citing takeout is not a sustainable option for their business. For these businesses that you can’t order from, purchasing gift cards for future meals for yourself or a loved one is another option to support them. Check your local restaurants’ websites and social media profiles to see where and how you can purchase gift cards and gift certificates from them.

Donate to a Relief Fund

With the food and beverage industry turned on its head, many national and localized nonprofit organizations have stepped up to launch funds to collect money for restaurants and workers in cities and regions across the United States. Check out this comprehensive list from Eater.com on organizations you can donate to help out!

Purchase Merchandise & Food Items

Many restaurants are supplementing their takeout orders or gift card purchases with selling merchandise like t-shirts, hats, and bags and packaged food (bottled sauces, spice mixes, etc.). In addition, some restaurants have opted to start selling their fresh produce, meat, and pantry items they are not able to use. With many grocery stores out of stock of popular items, this is your chance to get sought after items like ground meat, chicken breast, and pasta you can’t in stores all while helping your local eateries. Stocking your pantry or your closet at a time like this can really help them out!

Like, Share, Repost

Social proof goes a long way, especially now that more people are home and on social media. With recent developments of Google and Yelp suspending the ability to write new reviews during the outbreak, one way you can help spread the word is through interacting with your local restaurants’ social media posts. Like, share, comment, tag a friend, and repost social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms to let your friends, family, and business connections know local restaurants are open, offering takeout, or accepting donations.

Do Your Duty & Help Your Community!

Restaurants, bars, cafes, breweries, eateries, and more make up the fabric of our local communities. In order to ensure these establishments stay open after the Coronavirus epidemic, it’s vital we do our part and lend a hand!

What other ways are you helping the restaurant industry during this time? Comment below and let us know!

Genpak Attends The 2019 NACUFS Show

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Team members of Genpak just attended the 2019 National Association of College & University Food Services or NACUFS trade show, where 750 subscribed members and 350 vendors flocked to Denver, Colorado. NACUFS is an organization that supports colleges and universities nationwide, and we were happy to be present at the show to support operators with a variety of Genpak products.Genpak team at NACUFS

Sustainability was on everyone’s minds this year, with many booths showcasing plant-based foods, farm raised/grass fed meats, and as for us – biodegradable and compostable containers. That it includes our biodegradable and compostable products, reusable and microwavable containers, and even our grab ‘n go products applicable for deli and bakery food items.

At the show, we were able to converse with many members on the topic of recyclability and compostability. As believers in sustainability and natural ways to provide students with an enjoyable food experience, we showcased our Harvest Fiber Hinged Containers, Taco Trays, and Dinnerware suitable for a variety of food applications for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our team members also offered resourceful information regarding the benefits of compostable products on campus for the collegiate lifestyle.

We look forward to attending more shows in the future! Up next is the 2019 International Bakery Industry Exposition (IBIE).

Genpak Unveils The Latest Compostable Harvest Fiber Taco Line

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Harvest Fiber taco container on restaurant table

Genpak is once again expanding its very popular, Harvest® Fiber line of earth-friendly food packaging with four new innovative designs. Each item was designed to support its customers ever growing, home delivery and off-premise dining markets.

Four food containers make up the newest additions to the line. The HF2X2 and HF4CC are hinged containers with unique compartment configurations. The HF2X2 is designed to hold two tacos and two sides while the HF4CC is designed to hold four tacos. Of course, other foods will work perfectly well such as kabobs, hot dogs and gyros to name a few.

Rounding out the new additions are the HF2X2T and HF3TT food trays. Both have similar compartment design features as the hinged items, but are trays giving them the added flexibility to be used as a dine-in option. Or, simply add the 95388 clear over-cap lid and they become excellent to-go containers.

Just like the rest of the Harvest® Fiber line, these great new food packaging items are produced using natural fibers, are GMO-free and are compostable. They offer unmatched grease and oil resistance and come standard in our natural kraft color.  The clear 95388 APET lid is curbside recyclable and fits both tray options!

If you have not made the leap into alternative substrate food packaging, now is the time. Let Genpak help guide you through the noise with our steady, consistent quality that has made Harvest® Fiber the number one choice of food operators both large and small.

For more information on our newest Harvest® Fiber products, please visit www.harvestfiber.com.

2018: Genpak Review

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Every year at this time, we look at what we have accomplished the year prior. For us at Genpak, 2018 was pretty dang busy. We worked on tons of custom projects with our partners, but also developed the new Clover hinged containers. The line offers a bridge from polystyrene packaging to a recyclable option without breaking the bank. At 100% recyclable, unlike our competition, Clover is a microwave safe, sturdy, and environmentally preferred option. Clover has been a hit across the country.

clear Clover containers with text overlay

While we were building a new product line, we also introduced new products to our current ones. ProView saw the introduction of the Close-Off containers, which provide separation for sides and mains. Customers told restaurants presentation is important. Getting restaurant quality food at home was key to delivery success.

Proview close-off containers

The introduction of Harvest Fiber rectangles, offer a different aesthetic for all kinds of foods. Grease and oil resistance just like our other top-of-the-line Harvest Fiber items. the rectangle design matches up with our existing FPR lids making the transition into fiber from Smart Set Pro an easy one. Fiber is sustainable, renewable, and commercially compostable.

Harvest Fiber Rectangles containers with food

Our office here in Charlotte has united since we’ve been here a full year now. Comradery, collaboration, and commitment brings Genpak success. Our employees are committed to helping the communities where we work. Support for the Men’s Shelter of Charlotte started with our National Sales Meeting in January with a scavenger hunt for need items, and ended with collecting coats, food, clothing and monetary donations throughout the fall. Our US and Canadian team members collected over 5,200 food items for local food banks in 11 different states and provinces in the month of October. During the unfortunate natural disasters our country faced, Genpak provided food packaging for nonprofits feeding the first responders, volunteers, and families on the ground. The holidays are the biggest time of giving around the world; at Genpak it continued. Our York County Adopt-A-Family enjoyed many gifts, the children at Lancaster Children’s Home got a special visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus, and Operation Warm collected new and used coats to help those who needed them the most. Our Jean Day donations throughout the year raised monies for Samaritan’s Purse, HopeWay Foundation, Charlotte Rotary, Susan G. Komen Foundation, Rock Hill Redskins, Second Harvest Food Bank, among others.

food bank donations collage

2019 will be a great year for Genpak. We will introduce new innovative packaging, continue to develop our employees, and work within our communities.
Wishing you a very happy, healthy, and harmonious 2019!

Genpak’s GrubHub Top 10 Ordered Items of 2018

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Looking back on the year of 2018 in food service, we’ve witnessed technological advancements in operations, the release of Genpak’s new products Clover and ProView, and at the heart of it all, new food trends that won the appetites of consumers. One of the most popular food trends stemmed from health consciousness, and it has been a driving force behind consumer food diet this year. Highly requested on the ordering app of America’s top delivery service, GrubHub, these new food cravings made their way to their list of top 10 most ordered foods. According to GrubHub’s latest food report, the bean burrito superseded some of America’s most beloved meals like the baby back pork rib (coming in 4th place) and the chicken sandwich (coming in 6th). Take a look below and let us know what your top favorites are from the list.

  1. Bean burrito (276% more popular)
  2. Poke (205% more popular)
  3. Chicken slider (189% more popular)
  4. Baby back pork rib (165% more popular)
  5. Chicken burrito (164% more popular)
  6. Chicken sandwich (160% more popular)
  7. Cauliflower rice bowl (155% more popular)
  8. Chicken and waffle slider (145% more popular)
  9. Parmesan chicken (139% more popular)
  10. Buffalo cauliflower (124% more popular)

Genpak offers convenient food packaging solutions so that consumers can enjoy their favorite food items in a convenient way. They are microwave safe for hot food any time, vented for freshness and crispness, and recycled into decking, toys and nonfood times. They are also compostable, leak resistant, and stackable to save space. Contact us to learn more about our best selections or customer’s most ordered packaging. For more information, click here.

Clover: Introducing The Latest Innovative Packaging Solution

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Clover containers stacked, filled with foodClover is a microwavable, reusable, and recyclable container that was created as a sustainable, affordable option. It is by far one of the most versatile product lines for a variety of segments in the foodservice industry. It is not only offered in a premium black color, but in clear for authentic food presentation, and a modern stone color.  Offered is a wide range of sizes from medium to large as well as 1 or 3 compartments.

Turn food on demand and off-premise dining into one seamless experience with Clover. This product line is characterized by an attractive, modern appearance with recycled propylene material to suit various foodservice segments. Enjoy the features of the simultaneous venting-while-stacked feature to maintain the integrity of your food applications. Check out the rest of our features and benefits below along with our video and see why customers prefer our new food containers.

What to Expect from Clover by Genpak?

As a trusted leader in manufacturing innovative food packaging, we believe that Clover will make a great contribution to innovative dining concepts like home delivery, upscale catering, grab n’ go, fast casual, family style, school service, and take-out. It is anticipated to be a popular choice that will best coincide with the modern consumer lifestyle. Benefit from superior food presentation, authentic visualization, along with personal branding and labeling. These containers also complement a range of food establishments seeking optimum security, strength, and style.

Features and Benefits

Create opportunity for custom branding with low minimums

In addition to quality food packaging, your branding design allows for customer recognition, and ensures that your offer food packaging that benefits them. Clover allows for custom printing where you can enhance your company brand.

The versatility of a microwave safe container

Designed for various food applications and eating occasions, they are microwave-safe containers created for food delivery, take-out, upscale catering, grab ‘n go, and more. Clover containers can be reheated to keep food items fresh and ready to enjoy.

The responsibility of a curbside recyclable package

As a leading manufacturer in environmentally sustainable products, we strive to meet your eco-friendly goals. You can count on Clover as a great choice as it is curbside recyclable.

The convenience of a vented container if needed

One of the most convenient features of Clover is the ability to vent the container, even while stacked.

The performance a 360° leak resistant food container provides

To keep food from spilling, the 360° clamshell design secures food items in one place.

Genpak is a forerunner in manufacturing premium quality, single-use foodservice packaging products. From microwave safe packaging, to sustainable plates and bowls, our company focuses on safety and innovation.

Introducing The New Harvest Fiber Kraft Rectangles!

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Harvest Fiber Kraft Rectangle ContainersIntroducing the latest additions to the Harvest Fiber product line: HFR016, 16oz. container; HFR024, 24oz. container; and the HFR032, 32oz. container. The Harvest Fiber Kraft Rectangles are perfect for several occasions, including grab n’ go, takeout, and much more. They have superior strength, a modern appearance, and are also grease and oil resistant. Made from an all natural bagasse material, they are stackable lightweight and easy to carry. The Harvest Fiber Rectangle Container in size 16oz. can be paired with the matching lid FPR916, while the HFR024 and HFR032 best fit the FPR932 or the FPR932S. We are proud to say that this product effortlessly meets the demand for compostable and eco-friendly packaging.

As a leading manufacturer in environmentally sustainable products, we strive to meet your eco-friendly goals. To learn more about our compostable Harvest Fiber Kraft products, click here. To request free samples, click here.

Compostable | All natural, fiber substrate | GMO free | Genpak engineered designs

Enhance The Customer Experience with These New Food Containers

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Experience is more than just a word when it comes to consumers – it is in fact a high priority. According to TrustPilot.com, “customer experience is how customers perceive their interactions with your company. A successful strategy should be useful, usable, and enjoyable from the customer’s point of view.” With the following new lines of quality Genpak containers, you can ensure that they will offer your customers a convenient take-out/delivery experience.


solution-based sandwich container

ProView does not back down from the competition since it is a distinctive product line for innovative markets. This collection of microwave-safe containers prove to be reliable for off-premise dining, all-day breakfast, grab n’ go, home delivery, and even for the growing ethnic flair that consumers are readily exploring. It features a sleek black base for superior food presentation and a clear lid for authentic visualization, order accuracy, personal branding, and clear labeling. The containers are vented for breathability and have a secured button lock with an audible snap. They are also comprised of a thermoformed polypropylene material to complement a range of food establishments seeking optimum security, strength, and style. ProView offers a variety of sizes, widely ranging from a sandwich/snack container to a jumbo take-out container.


Clover hinged food container
When an economical alternative is required for food packaging, our brand-new Clover Hinged line will fit the bill. These new microwave safe, hinged food containers sport a clean, compact design that is perfect for any take-out program as well as for leftovers. The button lock, 360° leak resistant closure system ensures food products stay inside the container, and not on the delivery car floor. For more information on Clover, click here.

Harvest Fiber

Harvest Fiber Compostable Containers mark an organic print on the environment as it is compostable.

Harvest Fiber Kraft hinged containerThe containers are comprised of a base fiber called bagasse, a by-product of the sugar industry. An exclusive snap-it closure system, moisture resistant technology, and stacking rims for multiple to-go meals are vital features that upgrade the Harvest Fiber Kraft collection’s on-the-go abilities for some of your best food choices. With a growing influence of recycling and environmental awareness, this product effortlessly meets the demand for compostable and eco-friendly packaging.