Hinged vs Non-Hinged Takeout Containers

By Genpak Product Managers
two piece vs hinged takeout containers

One of the first decisions you’ll have to make when shopping for takeout containers is whether you want hinged or non-hinged containers.

This often overlooked decision actually has long term effects in terms of convenience, ordering, product versatility and appearance. Learn more about the differences between hinged and non-hinged containers and how to decide which container is right for you!

What’s the difference between Hinged & Non-Hinged Containers?

The difference between hinged and non-hinged containers is quite simple. While non-hinged (otherwise known as two piece) containers are composed of a separate tray and lid, the tray and lid of hinged containers are attached together. Hinged containers are commonly referred to as ‘clamshell containers’ in the industry.

Both hinged and non-hinged containers can come in a variety of colors, materials and appearances.

Are Hinged or Non-Hinged Containers Best For You?

Which type of container is best for your restaurant? Below, we weigh in on the benefits of both!

What are the benefits of Hinged Containers?

  1. Convenience- The major benefit of a hinged container is not having to fumble with a lid when securing or removing it. A hinged lid simply flips down or up, making it much easier and more convenient for restaurant and customer to use.
  2. Order Ease- Staying stocked and keeping inventory are much simplified with hinged containers. Because the tray and lid are all one, you never have to order two separate pieces or worry about running out of lids.

What are the benefits of Non-Hinged Containers?

  1. Versatility- With non-hinged containers, lids are optional, which means containers can have a dual purpose and can be used to eat-in or takeout. This may help you save on packaging costs in the long run, as you won’t be giving lids to customers who don’t need one.
  2. Modern Appearance- Hinged containers are commonplace after having long been used in the takeout industry. Two piece containers can allow for a unique appearance and more upscale display.

Shop Both Hinged & Two-Piece Takeout Containers at Genpak!

Ultimately, whether you choose hinged or non-hinged takeout containers are up to you and your business’s needs! For Hinged containers, be sure to check out our Clover, Harvest Choice, or ProView lines. Our Harvest Fiber line comes in both hinged and two piece options.