SFI Certified Food Packaging: What You Need to Know

By Genpak Product Managers
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In today’s increasingly eco-conscious society, more and more consumers are demanding environmentally sustainable products on everything from clothing to household products, and even down to their food packaging.

That’s why Genpak is proud to offer Harvest Choice Containers, which are made from paperboard material sourced from SFI Certified forests. But what does SFI Certified mean and why is it important? We explain below!

What does SFI Certified Sourcing mean?

SFI Certified Sourcing is a certificate granted by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, a North American organization that aims to promote sustainable forest management in North America and responsible procurement of forest products around the world.

When you purchase a product–like our Harvest Choice Containers–that has a SFI Certified Sourcing certificate, it means the product was made from materials sourced from a forest that adheres to SFI’s rigorous responsible procurement standards.

SFI standards are constantly evolving to respond to the latest ecological findings and sustainable forestry practices. From protecting water quality and biodiversity, to keeping sustainable harvest levels and adhering to prompt regeneration, SFI ensures sustainability is first and foremost.

What are the benefits of SFI Certified packaging?

Why choose food packaging made from SFI Certified sourced material for your eaterie? Check out the ways this sustainable packaging benefits not only your business, but the world:

1. You Help Bring Sustainability to Food Service

All industries have the opportunity to contribute to our country’s environmental sustainability, and Food Service is no exception. Historically towing the line between convenience & sustainability, with sustainable packaging made from SFI Certified Sourced Materials, food packaging now has the opportunity to do both. Purchasing products sourced from SFI certified forests ensures sustainable forestry practices continue. 

2. You Help Supports US Family-Owned Forests

According to SFI’s 2015-2019 Fiber Sourcing Standard, approximately 10 million family-owned forests account for over 60% of the private forests in the United States. The SFI Fiber Sourcing Certification helps these families make money from their forests and encourages them to sustainably maintain their forests. By purchasing food packaging made from SFI Certified Sourced Materials, you help support these family forests and their sustainable practices.

3. Your Customers Want It

The trend for sustainable packaging is ramping up, especially when it comes to where product materials are sourced. According to The FoodService Packaging Institute’s April 2019 Consumer Survey, food service packaging “made with renewable resources” ranked number two on their list of consumer-ranked most important environmental attributes.

Interested in Purchasing SFI Certified Food Packaging for Your Restaurant?

Whether you’re looking to make your business more sustainable, support national family-owned forests, or you’re simply meeting consumer demand, food packaging made from SFI Certified sourced material is available right here at Genpak!

Check out our Harvest Choice Containers made from paperboard material sourced from SFI Certified forests.