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Genpak’s New Era of Innovation, Culture, and Partnership

By Ciara Williams
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Innovation is truly a confusing buzzword which many in the restaurant industry find it hard to pin point exactly how it applies to their day to day operations. Every restaurant owner or franchisee agrees that it is important, but nobody can quite seem to agree on what it actually is or what it means.

In fact, if you ask Google for an innovation definition, it is less than helpful, coming up with over 300 million results with thousands of definitions. Its own definition is pretty much useless: “the action or process of innovating”. In today’s episode, we’re taking a look at Genpak’s Innovation Team, and dive into how they see innovation playing a key role in their company’s future success. We then head to Ft. Wayne, In to see this innovation in action.

Genpak is a forerunner in manufacturing premium quality, single-use foodservice packaging products. From microwave safe packaging, to sustainable plates and bowls, our company focuses on safety and innovation.

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