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Food Trucks Create a New Lane in the Restaurant Industry

By Ciara Williams
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The popularity of food trucks has exploded over the last decade. It’s no longer a good option to have, but a demand from customers that result in a profit guarantee for food truck operators. Today, millions of restaurants are serving their meals on wheels, growing into a $1.2 billion dollar business, according to QSR. Besides having more access to customers than brick and mortar stores, here are 4 unique mobile trends attracting lucrative food truck business success.

Corporate & Event Catering

Food trucks are increasing brand awareness by popping up at corporate parties, weddings, graduations and other parties and fundraising events. Ranging from 100 to 500 customers per event, food trucks attract many guests. The reason being is in the next topic – menu power.

Operators are developing stronger menu power.

Signature menu items make a very powerful brand statement. If customers don’t remember anything at all, they remember how a food truck’s menu item┬átasted and how they were affected by the overall experience. With this thought in mind, chefs are setting trends by merging new ingredients into meals that aren’t easily spotted in large chains – and that’s the true advantage of food trucks today. When it comes to building a menu, signature items that showcase innovation and creativity should be at the top of the list.

Leveraging technology via social media and automation.

Automation is key to an efficient flow throughout the day-to-day operations of food truck business, and operators are on the constant search for the latest developments that support their model. Among several tech solutions include kiosks for digital ordering, mobile order & pay services, and even automated food equipment to lessen the hassle of food preparation on the truck.

Besides the growth of new tech developments in operations, connecting with customers digitally is the most efficient way to increase sales and customer loyalty. Social media is the new “word of mouth” marketing as customers love to post food experiences with their friends. Food trucks are present at the heart of various social environments. Through technology, operators can advertise their business not only on Facebook, but even post visually appealing menu items on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

Convenient packaging solutions.

Customers enjoy signature menu items from their favorite food truck, but it’s even better when their food is served in convenient, sturdy, and high-quality food packaging. Some of the most common problems in food packaging involves a container that leaks, doesn’t transport well, or not secure enough to eat in a social setting where food trucks are present. For 50 years, Genpak has delivered innovative food packaging that enhances the human experience.

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