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5 Essential Ways Genpak Promotes Sustainability – Earth Day 2019

By Ciara Williams
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5 ways we practice sustainability

In the foodservice industry, operators and consumers are looking for a sustainable, green alternative by making use of the materials around us. With hopes produce healthier outcomes for the future, there are the many ways that you can implement sustainable practices. Several markets within the industry are looking for a food packaging product that blends the day-to-day convenience of food packaging with the sustainability needed to implement environmental change. One of those changes involves emphasis on waste management in the 3R’s of sustainability: reduce, reuse, and recycle.  At Genpak, we proudly promote sustainability in five ways:

1 | Composting

Compostable refers to a natural process where organic waste materials decompose into a substance called compost. This substance is full of rich nutrients that can be used as soil conditioner. The process involves closely controlled heat, moisture levels, and carbon dioxide which accelerates the composting process. Genpak’s compostable material is known as bagasse. It is a renewable, fast-growing resource that breaks down the best in professionally managed compost facilities.

2 | Source Reduction

We firmly believe source reduction should be practiced. But, unlike our competitors, we don’t just lightweight products for the sake of light weighting. We do not believe our customers want to sacrifice functionality for a lighter and cheaper part. We therefore achieve source reduction via other means such as product design and R&D work. Smart Set Pro  is a source reduced product made of Genpak’s exclusive textured, polypropylene material. Not only is the product stellar in its performance, it is also made 24% lighter  without any compromise to product functionality.

3 | Recycling

Recycling is one of the most common ways to conserve the environment. We implement that responsibility through the use of curbside recyclable products. Our clear packaging solutions make all the difference as they are made of PET plastic and up to 30% post-consumer recycled content. Our polypropylene products like Clover, ProView, and Smart Set Pro are also curbside recyclable. So not only can they be enjoyed at your favorite establishment, or on-the-go, once finished they can be thrown in your backyard recycling bin and will be accepted by recycling facilities.

4 | Reuse

Reuse is an essential way to minimize the amount of waste affecting our world today. Genpak’s microwavable, dual ovenable, and deli, containers can be reused for storing items and are washable.

5| Post-Consumer Recycled Content

Genpak was one of the first companies back in 2007, to start utilizing post-consumer content in the production of our clear P.E.T. products. On average we use over 10.5 million pounds of post-consumer material per year.

The Green Room is Genpak’s #1 information source for issues, concerns and steps we have taken and are currently taking to continue to be responsible stewards of the environment. For more information on our products, click here.

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