Genpak Food Packaging National Championships: Round 3 Results

By Genpak Product Managers

Round three is in the books and it was tough day to be a Meat Tray.   The category entered the sweet sixteen with 5 players and exited with only the 1002 still standing.  Being a number one seed, the 1002 should still be in it, but the others all lost including the 1004D in an upset defeat to the Hinged Take-Out stalwart 20010 large dinner container.  The only other upset was the AD24 Hinged Deli Container  bumping off the the #2 seeded 22500 Large Hinged Sandwich Container.

I can see this coming down to a head to head competition with the School Tray against the Large Hinged Take-Out Container.  We’ll see what happens in the next round on April 2nd.  Be sure to check back for those results.

Food Packaging Championships