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Genpak Food Packaging National Championships: Round 2 Results

By Genpak Product Managers

By now I’m sure you are all glued to the RSS feeds of our blog, just waiting for round two results.  Wait no further for here they are. Round two saw four upsets starting off with the number 6 seed 10600 School Tray bumping off the 3rd seeded SN243 Hinged Take-Out Container. Another 6th seed besting a 3rd seed was the AD24 Hinged Deli Container over the LAM09 Laminated Dinner Plate in a very close contest. Meanwhile the AD08 Hinged Deli took care of the W1002 West Coast Meat Tray while the 1016S Standard Meat Tray beat the 83900 Three Compartment Dinner Plate to round out the upsets.

The match up that interested me most was the battle of the Large Hinged Sandwich Containers commonly referred to as the Hamburger Box. It was the Snap-It design SN225 taking on the Traditional Design 22500. It was close, but the experience and longevity of the 22500 was too much for the newer SN225. I am sure before this tournament is over we’ll see some more design match ups go head to head.  Be sure to check in next Friday for round three results and good luck.

Round 3 results

Round 3 results