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Genpak Food Packaging National Championships: Round 1 Results

By Genpak Product Managers

Round one is complete and for the most part, you were safe if you picked the favorites.  Only two upsets to report.  The 1017S Standard Food Tray edged out the AD12 Hinged Deli Container in a close contest.  Also, the TR04P Processor Grade Food Tray beat the 1004S Standard Food Tray.  I guess it was a good day to be a Food Tray.  There was one other close contest with the 20310 Hinged Take-Out Container and 21900 Large Hinged Hoagie Container, but in the end the 20310 had just a few more cases for the victory.

Check back tomorrow for round two results.  I’m sure we’ll see some more upsets along the way…

First Round Results

First Round Results