Black & Clear 2-pc To-Go Packaging

By Genpak Product Managers

When it comes time to research food packaging options, most food operators take the path most traveled and end up at the foam hinged door. True, foam hinged to-go packaging has many great qualities such as multiple configurations, decoration options, excellent thermal properties and of course, very economical. But I would like to submit for your consideration the option of a two piece, black and clear package. There are some advantages this type of food packaging can bring to the table.

2-Pc To Go Packaging

  • Food visualization – With our crystal clear, anti-fog lids, customers can see exactly what they are getting. Food operators make a living offering great tasting food with a top-notch visual presentation. Why hide that great looking food you worked hard to prepare?  Show it off at its best.  Your customers will appreciate it!
  • Home style dinning – Eating out of our two-piece to-go packaging is just like eating off of a regular dinner plate. Consumers can simply remove the lid and eat right out of these stylish containers without the need to dirty their own dishes. Sometimes eating from a hinged container is difficult, especially if there is limited room at your table.
  • Upscale look – Our Smart Set black, two-piece food packaging really looks sharp. Their unique designs offer a look and presentation that resonates with consumers as something apart from the everyday crowd.
  • Decoration – We can still emboss your brand name right on our clear lids.  What better way to further your brand image and remind the consumer where that great food came from.

I know what you are thinking. This is going to cost way more than foam hinged packaging. Yes, normally with some 2-pc packaging they can be quite a bit more expensive. But at Genpak we have made ours extremely economical by using a foam laminated base along with the clear PET lid. Other 2-pc packaging uses solid polypro or PET bases, but we find you can have the best of both worlds with our packaging…a very nice, upscale package at a not so upscale price. Drop us a line to learn more about these great to-go or dine-in packaging solutions.

2-Pc Packaging Video

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