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New Compostable Chip Bag

By Genpak Product Managers
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Sure, you’ve always know Genpak as the place for quality rigid food packaging solutions. And you’ve known us for our cutting edge product developments on that front as well. Our BPI Certified compostable Harvest Fiber line of dinnerware and hinged containers are a huge hit with restaurants, colleges and food service operations looking for alternative packaging. And our Green Restaurant Association endorsed Clear Hinged Deli line along with our Harvest Starch & Smart Set Pro lines have also been successful with customers looking to stay within the 3R’s approach for food packaging which is Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. (okay that was the blatant commercial lead in to the main point)

But you may not have know we also have a packaging side as well. We produce square bottom bags, window bags and zipper bags for many industries including bakery, retail, pet food and food processing. Since it’s us and you’ve come to expect big things, we are very happy to announce a major breakthrough in compostable bag technology. Working in conjunction with our friends at Innovia Films we have helped to develop the Boulder Canyon Foods compostable chip bag! Click here for Innovia’s press release on this exciting new material. Long story short, it’s a compostable substrate that does the job and won’t make you go deaf. For those of you who don’t get the “deaf” joke, Sun Chip has recently pulled their compostable bag because it was deemed as too noisy by consumers. If that really is the reason, this tells us that consumers want a transparent transition from traditional to alternative substrate choices. Or, at the very least, they want as little noticeable changes as possible. Some consumers went as far as creating a Facebook page called “I can’t hear you over the Sun Chip bag”. Others posted You Tube videos going on about the noisy bags. Some of them were actually pretty funny.

I think the main lesson that should be taken away from this though, is that the consumer rules roost (as it should be). If they don’t like it, they won’t buy it. Period, end of story. And they may even take their dislike of a product to the cyber streets as is the case with Sun Chips. Check it out on You Tube. Just type in Sun Chips Bag. There are pages upon pages of videos basically griping about how loud that bag was.

For our part, we here you consumers…loud and clear (over the bag). Hey we’ve taken our lumps too. That Harvest Fiber line I plugged earlier is actually our second generation of Harvest products. The first line was okay, but it didn’t really hold up to hot food applications. We did have sales to some niche markets where hot food wasn’t on the menu, but wholesale acceptance was never obtained. So we went back to the drawing board and Harvest Fiber was born. Microwave safe, hot foods, cold foods and still compostable. I’m sure it won’t be too long though and there will be more new materials that will be even better to use. One thing is certain. We’ll be leading that charge to keep our loyal customers and soon to be customers up to date with the very latest options.