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4 Must-Have Packaging Features for Takeout & Delivery

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In the world of “to-go,” constant changes are being made to food packaging, restaurant design, and overall operations to achieve a consumer-focused experience. Some changes aren’t always so complex, but convenient- and that’s a characteristic that Genpak lives by. Here are 4 must-have food packaging features that significantly shape the modern-day consumer lifestyle. Close-off food packaging Compartmented containers are always convenient for side portioned food items, which require separating. Years ago, we at Genpak launched our first close-off container with the 203CO, and have since… Read the full article »

Introducing Harvest® Fiber Oval Bowls

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Introducing Harvest® Fiber Oval Bowls! Genpak’s excellent additions to the Harvest® Fiber line of sustainable packaging. They are perfect for grab ‘n go and take-out applications when paired with their clear, no leak, over-cap lids.  Give your customers a peace of mind and a guilt-free experience to enjoy their take-out meal with Harvest® Fiber food packaging. HFBB18 – 18 ounce oval bowl HFBB18L – lid for 18 ounce bowl HFBB26 – 26 ounce oval bowl HFBB26L – lid for 26… Read the full article »

Harvest Fiber Foam Alternative Packaging

What Are the Benefits of Using Foam Alternative Packaging for Food Service?

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Are local laws dictating you use foam alternative packaging at your restaurant? In the past few years, major metropolitan cities like New York, San Diego, Miami Beach, Seattle and Washington, DC have banned styrofoam packaging, also known as polystyrene, for environmental reasons. While this has shaken up a lot of the ways restaurants traditionally thought about takeout and leftover containers, there are several key advantages foam alternative packaging can bring to customers, the environment, and… Read the full article »

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Is Restaurant Takeout Safe During the CoronaVirus Epidemic? YES!

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“Is takeout and delivery from restaurants safe?” That’s what’s on the mind of many Americans as more states are taking precautions and prohibiting any restaurants, bars, and cafes from serving food or drink on premises. In order to make up for lost business and keep profits in the black, many restaurants and food establishments have begun offering takeout and delivery services for local customers. But with growing concern over the spread of Covid-19, many Americans… Read the full article »

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Support Local Restaurants During the Coronavirus Outbreak!

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Our local restaurants are in trouble. Many have been ordered to close their doors in order to stop the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), leaving their financial futures in a precarious position. Unable to dine in, there are still ways you can financially support restaurants and the workers they employ during this difficult period. As restaurants and eateries are the backbone of our company, below we’ve highlighted five different ways you can help support restaurants financially… Read the full article »

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How To Make a Difference In Your Restaurant For The Environment

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Source: Sustainability Active Off-premise sustainable packaging is becoming more prevalent in today’s eco-driven society. Consumers demand that restaurants utilize sustainable packaging to match their lifestyles and support their views on environmental stewardship. In fact, studies from the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association (IFMA) have shown that ​consumers will even go as far as ​voicing their displeasure ​to their favorite restaurants​ if packaging is perceived as unsafe for the environment. ​Several protests have already struck numerous restaurants… Read the full article »

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Restaurants are Safely Open for Business Despite Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

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The global outbreak of the Coronavirus has left many worrisome, wondering if restaurants are closing down. However, food establishments are still open for business and taking immediate action to respond strategically to restrictions from the government. These food operations are taking protective measures for their customers and employees by resorting to takeout, drive-thru, and curbside pickup for quicker and safer service interactions. The following questions and answers are taken directly from the FDA emergency and… Read the full article »


Genpak Attends The 2019 NACUFS Show

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Team members of Genpak just attended the 2019 National Association of College & University Food Services or NACUFS trade show, where 750 subscribed members and 350 vendors flocked to Denver, Colorado. NACUFS is an organization that supports colleges and universities nationwide, and we were happy to be present at the show to support operators with a variety of Genpak products. Sustainability was on everyone’s minds this year, with many booths showcasing plant-based foods, farm raised/grass… Read the full article »

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Genpak’s New Era of Innovation, Culture, and Partnership

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Innovation is truly a confusing buzzword, which many in the restaurant industry find it hard to pinpoint exactly how it applies to their day to day operations. Every restaurant owner or franchisee agrees that it is important, but no one can quite seem to agree what it is or what it actually means. In fact, if you ask Google for a definition of innovation it is less than helpful, coming up with over 300,000,000 results… Read the full article »

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Food Trucks Create a New Lane in the Restaurant Industry

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Designed by Freepik The popularity of food trucks has exploded over the last decade. It’s no longer a good option to have, but a demand from customers that result in a profit guarantee for food truck operators. Today, millions of restaurants are serving their meals on wheels, growing into a $1.2 billion dollar business, according to QSR. Besides having more access to customers than brick and mortar stores, here are 4 unique mobile trends attracting… Read the full article »