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Genpak Attends The 2019 NACUFS Show

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Team members of Genpak just attended the 2019 National Association of College & University Food Services or NACUFS trade show, where 750 subscribed members and 350 vendors flocked to Denver, Colorado. NACUFS is an organization that supports colleges and universities nationwide, and we were happy to be present at the show to support operators with a variety of Genpak products. Sustainability was on everyone’s minds this year, with many booths showcasing plant-based foods, farm raised/grass… Read the full article »

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Genpak’s New Era of Innovation, Culture, and Partnership

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Innovation is truly a confusing buzzword, which many in the restaurant industry find it hard to pinpoint exactly how it applies to their day to day operations. Every restaurant owner or franchisee agrees that it is important, but no one can quite seem to agree what it is or what it actually means. In fact, if you ask Google for a definition of innovation it is less than helpful, coming up with over 300,000,000 results… Read the full article »

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Food Trucks Create a New Lane in the Restaurant Industry

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Designed by Freepik The popularity of food trucks has exploded over the last decade. It’s no longer a good option to have, but a demand from customers that result in a profit guarantee for food truck operators. Today, millions of restaurants are serving their meals on wheels, growing into a $1.2 billion dollar business, according to QSR. Besides having more access to customers than brick and mortar stores, here are 4 unique mobile trends attracting… Read the full article »

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Genpak Releases PV20520CO, Latest Innovative Packaging Solution

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Genpak is proud to announce the latest food packaging solution, PV20520CO, Large, All-Purpose Close-Off Container. This newest close-off product, which is an addition to the existing line of ProView microwavable containers, will fulfill needs of the home delivery, grab ‘n go, and progressing markets. The PV20520CO is an innovative solution for several food applications and is beneficial and consumer friendly in many ways. The lid clarity helps prevent inaccurate orders. In additional, studies show that… Read the full article »

5 ways we practice sustainability

5 Essential Ways Genpak Promotes Sustainability – Earth Day 2019

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In the foodservice industry, operators and consumers are looking for a sustainable, green alternative by making use of the materials around us. With hopes produce healthier outcomes for the future, there are the many ways that you can implement sustainable practices. Several markets within the industry are looking for a food packaging product that blends the day-to-day convenience of food packaging with the sustainability needed to implement environmental change. One of those changes involves emphasis… Read the full article »

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Fast Food Newcomers On the Rise in 2019

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The fast food industry is expanding with startups introducing healthy fast food and merging global flavors at the drive-thru. Aside from some of the most popular chains like Panda Express, Subway, and McDonald’s, are flourishing chains ready to serve up new food concepts in minutes. Today’s top 5 newcomers in fast food are ready to takeover in 2019. As a forerunner in manufacturing premium quality, single-use foodservice packaging products, we ensure top quality food packaging… Read the full article »

Harvest Fiber taco container

Genpak Unveils The Latest Compostable Harvest Fiber Taco Line

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Genpak is once again expanding its very popular, Harvest® Fiber line of earth-friendly food packaging with four new innovative designs. Each item was designed to support its customers ever growing, home delivery and off-premise dining markets. Four food containers make up the newest additions to the line. The HF2X2 and HF4CC are hinged containers with unique compartment configurations. The HF2X2 is designed to hold two tacos and two sides while the HF4CC is designed to hold four tacos. Of course,… Read the full article »

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5 Surprising Myths & Facts Behind Food Packaging

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The food packaging industry has evolved over the years, in efforts to keep the balance between convenience & sustainability. We’ve come to a place in our industry where a lot of information that is disseminated has resulted in a countless number of questions raised and factual information being compromised. This pool of scattered information finally lines up in a list of 7 myths & facts behind food packaging, thanks to the latest report from Foodservice… Read the full article »

2018: Genpak Review

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Every year at this time, we look at what we have accomplished the year prior. For us at Genpak, 2018 was pretty dang busy. We worked on tons of custom projects with our partners, but also developed the new Clover hinged containers. The line offers a bridge from polystyrene packaging to a recyclable option without breaking the bank. At 100% recyclable, unlike our competition, Clover is a microwave safe, sturdy, and environmentally preferred option. Clover has… Read the full article »

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Genpak’s GrubHub Top 10 Ordered Items of 2018

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Looking back on the year of 2018 in food service, we’ve witnessed technological advancements in operations, the release of Genpak’s new products Clover and ProView, and at the heart of it all, new food trends that won the appetites of consumers. One of the most popular food trends stemmed from health consciousness, and it has been a driving force behind consumer food diet this year. Highly requested on the ordering app of America’s top delivery service, GrubHub, these new food cravings made their way… Read the full article »