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Are Your Leftover Containers Microwave Safe?

In today’s day and age, convenience is key. And that carries over into food service. There’s no doubt about it. Leftover food that can be reheated right in the leftover container is just plain convenient for your customer! That’s one less dirty dish for them to clean. Microwave safe leftover containers are a premium feature for your restaurant. But what exactly makes a container microwave safe? We answer that question in addition to other benefits… Read the full article »

natural materials

What Are Our Harvest Fiber Containers Made From?

If you’re looking for high quality compostable takeout containers or dine in products for your restaurant, Genpak has you covered. Our Harvest Fiber containers are compostable dinnerware and hinged containers made from an annually renewable resource known as bagasse. But what exactly is bagasse and what are its benefits over other compostable materials? We break it down below! What is Bagasse? Bagasse is a dry pulpy fiber that is the byproduct of cane sugar production…. Read the full article »

Green recycle bin

Are Your Takeout Containers Curbside Recyclable?

According to the EPA, containers and packaging alone contribute to over 23% of materials reaching landfills in the United States. Food-related containers and packaging are included in this category.  Using food containers made of recyclable materials is a responsible decision by your restaurant to help reduce the number of food containers that reach landfills each year. However, depending on the material you choose, your food container may not be curbside recyclable for your customers. What… Read the full article »

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How to Make Your Food Pop in Takeout Containers

As the old adage goes, you eat with your eyes first. With takeout and food delivery on the rise, more and more meals are being consumed away from restaurants and at home. So how do you ensure customers achieve restaurant quality presentation at home? The truth is, food presentation for takeout is largely dependent on your takeout container. The wrong takeout container can make your food soggy and messy-looking. In other words, your takeout container… Read the full article »

Vented vs nonvented takeout containers

Why Vented Food Packaging Matters

It’s all happened to us before. You order takeout from your favorite restaurant, you bring it home ready to munch on crispy french fries or fried chicken wings and… your food is soggy. Nothing spoils a takeout meal quite like wilted and soggy food. That’s why many years back, Genpak developed the first vented food container. Since then, we’ve made many upgrades to our vented container to continue to keep foods restaurant-quality for our customers…. Read the full article »

Foam Alternative Takeout Containers

Factors to Consider When Choosing Foam Alternative Food Packaging

If local laws are dictating you use foam alternative packaging at your restaurant for takeout and delivery, you may be feeling overwhelmed. There are many polystyrene-free packaging options out there to consider, and various packaging features to weigh as you make your choice. Feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of choosing new packaging for your business? In order to make this process a little easier, we’ve put together a guide to some of the most important… Read the full article »

two piece vs hinged takeout containers

Hinged vs Non-Hinged Takeout Containers

One of the first decisions you’ll have to make when shopping for takeout containers is whether you want hinged or non-hinged containers. This often overlooked decision actually has long term effects in terms of convenience, ordering, product versatility and appearance. Learn more about the differences between hinged and non-hinged containers and how to decide which container is right for you! What’s the difference between Hinged & Non-Hinged Containers? The difference between hinged and non-hinged containers… Read the full article »

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SFI Certified Food Packaging: What You Need to Know

In today’s increasingly eco-conscious society, more and more consumers are demanding environmentally sustainable products on everything from clothing to household products, and even down to their food packaging. That’s why Genpak is proud to offer Harvest Choice Containers, which are made from paperboard material sourced from SFI Certified forests. But what does SFI Certified mean and why is it important? We explain below! What does SFI Certified Sourcing mean? SFI Certified Sourcing is a certificate… Read the full article »

Harvest Fiber oval bowls

Introducing Harvest® Fiber Oval Bowls

Introducing Harvest® Fiber Oval Bowls! Genpak’s excellent additions to the Harvest® Fiber line of sustainable packaging. They are perfect for grab ‘n go and take-out applications when paired with their clear, no leak, over-cap lids. Give your customers a peace of mind and a guilt-free experience to enjoy their take-out meal with Harvest® Fiber food packaging. HFBB18 – 18 ounce oval bowl HFBB18LD – lid for 18 ounce bowl HFBB26 – 26 ounce oval bowl… Read the full article »

Harvest Fiber Foam Alternative Packaging

What Are the Benefits of Using Foam Alternative Packaging for Food Service?

Are local laws dictating you use foam alternative packaging at your restaurant? In the past few years, major metropolitan cities like New York, San Diego, Miami Beach, Seattle and Washington, DC have banned styrofoam packaging, also known as polystyrene, for environmental reasons. While this has shaken up a lot of the ways restaurants traditionally thought about takeout and leftover containers, there are several key advantages foam alternative packaging can bring to customers, the environment, and… Read the full article »