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Post Consumer Recycled Content: Foam Food Packaging

May 1st, 2012

From time to time companies launch products that have the chance to make a real impact on the way we view things. For the food packaging industry, this is one of those times. Generations is the very first of its kind; foam food service packaging that is produced using 25% post consumer recycled content. What makes this so special you ask?  Well let’s cover the containers made from recycled content

  • Purchasing products that contain post consumer recycled (PCR) content such as Generations, help divert millions of pounds of materials from landfills.
  • Products manufactured with PCR content help keep jobs domestic.
  • Generations foam food packaging products use less natural resources as a result of the PCR content.
  • Patronizing products with PCR content will help support local recycling programs. Remember, if there is no after-market for the recycled material, recycling efforts will fail. Generations foodservice packaging fills that previously unmet market.
  • Using Generations products helps sustain the environment for future generations.

And last but certainly not least…

  • Generations foam food packaging provides an economical solutions for customers that want a greener packaging profile but can’t quite afford some of the expensive alternatives available today.

Now, I’m not a big fan of throwing stones at the competition, but I do feel compelled to make you aware of claims being made regarding “recycled content” in foam packaging. Here is the straight skinny on that. Most all foam food packaging companies, us included, have always used their own internal scrap back into the production of their products. That is just standard operating procedure. Nothing new or special about it. But some companies are making claims that mislead consumers to believe their products contain post consumer recycled content. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is the case. Look for the words “post consumer” and only then you’ll be certain of the source for the recycled content.

In case you didn’t click the link up top, I’ll tell you our Generations brand products will consist of large & medium hinged dinner containers, large sandwich container, large all purpose container and a 5 compartment school tray. We should have all these products in stock and ready for sale by mid June. If you are traveling to the National Restaurant show this weekend (5/5), stop by our booth (#4045) and you can see some of the products first hand.

Food Packaging New: Trends for Food Packaging

March 9th, 2012

Flexible food packaging for processors is becoming all the rage. With good reason really. Lightweight, low cube, increased shelf life and great graphics to boot. The good news is, you don’t need to look far for good flexible packaging solutions.

Recycled content in food packaging plays a big role in consumer’s choices at the retail shelf. Packaging is playing a much more important role than in years past. Food safety, integrity and merchandising are all huge factors when choosing the correct packaging.

Panda Restaurant group is testing a brand new plate that allows consumer’s to choose three slightly smaller entree portions instead of two larger portions. I really like that design. That plate manufacturer is really on the ball 🙂

Campbell Soups decide to move away from BPA lining in soup cans. This is a case where a company was confident in the safety of its products, but still made the choice to make a change based on consumer demand. Who knows if there was a significant percentage of consumers that had strong opinions on this matter or not. My guess is probably not, but it still highlights the power consumers have in the products they choose to support.

Food Packaging News

October 28th, 2011

Another community attempting to ban one type of litter for another. Say hello to higher restaurant bills and colder food when you get it home.

Canned food benefits. I wonder what makes some canned foods more nutritious than their fresh or frozen counterpart? Bullet point 2 in this article.

The right packaging design can mean the difference between a sale and not.

Hermosa Beach city council just voted to raise the average price of a restaurant meal and/or squeeze already struggling businesses out of existence. Why? To trade one kind of litter for another. Makes perfect sense to me.

Markham is a community with leaders who have some foresight. They don’t ban their way through issues, they find workable solutions. Bravo! The city leaders of Hermosa Beach should take a page from Markham’s playbook.

Bring your own dishes? I applaud all those who try to do more with less. We practice that every day in our business, but this person’s arguments are not well thought out. They probably did not consider that for the convention center in question to actually use china dishes instead of single-use products, they actually used far more natural resources than the alternative. Those dishes don’t wash themselves. Thousands of gallons of water, huge amounts of electricity (usually from coal power) to run the industrial washers, not to mention all the heavy chemicals it takes to actually clean those permanent plates. There’s no easy answer but I’ll bet a paycheck none of these people even considered this. Also, the practice of giving restaurants your own dishes from home to put food in is extremely unsafe. Sure, you know your dishes are clean, but what about the next guy that brings his home dishes in for the restaurant owner to bring to the back of the house for filling? I don’t know about you, but I’d feel much more secure in the cleanliness of single-use products touching all those cooking and preparation surfaces than some other guys dishes off the street. No thanks! And by the way, #6 polystyrene is NOT toxic. Get your facts straight next time.