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On-Demand Delivery hits a Home Run

February 21st, 2017

On demand food delivery has skyrocketed in the past year. With new meal kit companies popping up every day, offering easy take-out for your customers are imperative.

microwave safe take-out containers

Smart Set Pro is microwave safe

Third part delivery companies, like DoorDash, Seamless, UberEATS, and Eat24, get your food in front of your customers in a new way. Customers want to order online and have it delivered right to them.

According to Morgan Stanley Research, the market for food delivery is $210 billion. Pizza makes up 60% of this, but 40% of consumers want something more. This is your chance to expand your business and reach new customers. Providing a convenience for your customers, as well as fantastic food, will keep them coming back for more. Scope out the best online platform for your delivery system and go from there.

Genpak can help you. Providing foodservice solutions for your take-out needs is what we do. Need a container that doesn’t leak all over the driver’s car? Genpak has it. Check out our Deli Containers. Need a container that can be reheated in the microwave? Genpak has it. Check out our Microwave Safe Containers. Need a container that stacks in a bag? You bet Genpak has it. All of our product lines offer stability. Need an environmentally preferred container? Genpak has it. Check out our Harvest Fiber Containers. No matter what your chefs are creating, Genpak has a packaging solution to help you get your food to the customers.

Check out our video for more information about on-demand home delivery & don’t forget to request free samples to test out our packaging solutions before you buy.

Foodservice Trends For 2016

November 20th, 2015

Wouldn’t it be great to know, as food operators, what is in the mind of the consumer?  What do they like or dislike and what keeps them coming back for more? Luckily for us, our very good friends at Technomic make it their business to keep a pulse on the food service industry. Not just what’s trending with consumers, but also what outside forces effect our industry such as the minimum wage hike debate. Check out this video which outlines 10 of the top trends that could very well effect your food service operation in 2016.

Perhaps some of these resonate with your business. There is one trend we have notice which is the continued desire for environmentally friendly food packaging options. One thing is for certain, no matter what your food operation is, Genpak is here to be Your Food Packaging Company!

Your Food Packaging Company

Food Packaging & Restaurant News

January 13th, 2015
  • NYC bans foam. I can’t say I’m surprised. The ACC representative does a great job summing this mess up.
  • Restaurants post a great December! Is it really due to low gas prices?
  • NYC Chinese restaurant owners upset with new ban on foam. Note that fines won’t be imposed until next January. Yeah I’m sure de Blasio can rally the police down there to his side.
  • New materials are being developed to act as a replacement to petrochemical resins. This article talks about using crustacean shells. The interesting point is in the second to last paragraph where someone points out that alternatives will not cure litter. This is something they failed to consider in NYC and other places that have banned one type of material for another. The litter is still there…just in a different form.
  • 5 chains including Dunkin Brands posted growth and share in optimistic outlook for 2015
  • Coffee is not just coffee anymore. I love coffee. Drink at least 4 cups a day and I’ve never even heard of Jamaican Blue Mountain dark roast. Coffee, like a lot of sectors in the food business is, or I should probably say has, become very specialized catering to consumers specific wants. Don’t believe me? Next time you are near an area where food trucks frequent, count up the different types of food each truck specializes in.

Food Packaging News

November 6th, 2014
  • Could anti-bacterial packaging be the next thing to come down the pike? Would you purchase a food item knowing it was coated or treated with some type of anti-bacterial agent? I’m not so sure I would.
  • An award was won for a dog food package shaped like a slipper. Brilliant idea. If you are a packaging person, you could spend all day looking at the cool designs on this site.
  • Stand up pouches are on the rise for candy makers. This is something we are very familiar with as our own line of stand-up and pre-made bags have been in high demand.
  • Berkeley, CA has imposed the first ever tax on soda. What do you think about that? Government looking out for its citizens or reaching too far into people’s lives? At least they did not try to ban it like Bloomberg did in NYC. Instead tax it to death.

Food Packaging News

October 29th, 2014
  • The city of Yonkers will begin collection of #6 polystyrene for recycling!  Great news and way to go city leaders of Yonkers.  Finally a group of leaders who solve issues by creating jobs & commerce instead of banning what they don’t understand.
  • Is McDonald’s beef real?  Any pink slime, eyeballs or lips added?  Watch this video to see the truth.  (I’m off for a QPWC)
  • Taco Bell goes mobile with a new app allowing customers to order from their mobile devices and skip the lines to pick up their order.
  • Want to reduce greenhouse gases?  Use plastic instead of glass.  A study by Franklin & Associates may surprise you about the real story.
  • SKU rationalization and reduction is a hot topic.  Restaurant operators look to do more with less.  An excellent way to achieve this is with a hinged container that eliminates the need for side portion cups!

Food Packaging and Food Industry News

October 25th, 2013

News worth reading…

  • I guess it’s true what they say.  There is an app for everything. This one is for help sorting PET recycling containers.
  • Top food trends for next year. Interesting on the seaweed part.
  • The city of Montreal will expand their foamed polystyrene recycling efforts. Hats off to our neighbors to the North!
  • Chili’s to offer delivery service for their food. I would think this is something that will continue to spread with certain restaurant chains. It’s all about convenience and it’s not bad for food packaging companies like us as well who produce the items that would be used package the food.
  • Intelligent food packaging will be the way of the future. I really like the idea of the packaging itself being able to tell the consumer if the food is fresh or not.
  • Another short sighted bill by a short sighted local government that will hurt area food vendors/restaurants and make it harder for them to survive. The mayor there states the products can’t be recycled. I did a 20 second Google search and found two facilities that accept EPS foam plus another dozen that accepts EPS foam loose fill. Guess it would be too hard to strike a deal with any number of these facilities regarding a recycling program. Yeah it is just so much easier to ban stuff. They should take a lesson from the folks up on Montreal who work to a solution instead of banning products.

Food Packaging News

October 17th, 2013

Here’s some articles worth reading.

  • I don’t remember where I heard this, but someone once said, “anything that can be invented has already been invented”. This new concept slaps that notion down. I’ll be looking for this new packaging at the grocery store.
  • McDonald’s to begin placing paperback books into happy meals. Check out the critic’s comment at the end of this piece. What a nut. This guy would probably like nothing better than to run them out of business and send the millions employed by McD’s out on the street. Can he not be happy and a little satisfied that McD’s is encouraging kids to read and maybe learn a little at the same time? Get a life dude.
  • A fitness center at my grocery store? I have mixed emotions about this one. Hopefully shoppers can’t see the folks working out.
  • Recycling rates for PET continues to increase which is a good thing. For our part, we have been using post consumer recycled PET for many years now in the production of our clear APET products.
  • Here’s an interesting concept for food packaging. I think this person has a future in packaging design!
  • Food packaging designed for a trip to the Antarctic. Even though this is not Genpak packaging, you have to give credit where credit is due.
  • Quick service restaurant CEO says Obamacare will hurt job creation and reduce staffing. This could have far reaching effects which will include food packaging decisions.

Microwave Containers on the Rise With Increase in Smart Phone Usage

October 15th, 2013

Do you have a smart phone? I have a smart phone. My husband has a smart phone. My co-workers have smart phones. Everyone I know has a smart phone. Actually more than 56% of the US population has a smart phone. Eighty percent of young people, ages 18-34, own a smart phone. No wonder every website has a mobile version.

But that’s not what I’m getting at. With our population becoming more and more attached to their phone, restaurants need to get to consumers in different ways. Enter online ordering from your favorite fast casual restaurant. You can now get take-out food without even talking to someone. Catering decisions can be made quickly. Placing an order for your favorite dish right before you leave from work and picking it up on the way home just became more convenient. No one trying to up sell you on an appetizer or dessert. With the ease of ordering take-out food we have seen the increase in usage of our microwave safe containers.

Smart Set Pro FP035Our Smart Set Pro and Harvest Pro product lines fit right in. Take away soups, appetizers and full meals can all be accommodated in these products. Smart Set Pro comes in two pieces black and clear bottoms with clear lids. You can still show off your products while keeping them hot. Don’t forget you can put your brand on the lids! Smart Set Pro containers are reusable.Harvest Pro

Why not cement that idea of take-out from your restaurant even further when they are using it to store left-overs from home. Our Harvest Pro products are hinged containers made of polypropylene and natural minerals. Both of these options are leak resistant, recyclable, and microwave safe.
And don’t forget there’s an app for that. With the boom of the iPhone and Android, many restaurants now have loyalty apps that reward you with points, or coupons right in the palm of your hand, encouraging you to take-out, dine in, eat more, and bring friends.

Food Packaging News

October 11th, 2013

Here’s a few articles worth reading.

  • An interesting piece on photographing frozen meals for the outer display carton. Reality or creative liberties? You decide.
  • Sort of along the same lines as the previous post, but this one talks about on-line grocery shopping and the imagery used to sell those products.
  • Same store restaurant sales slump in Q3. This coincides with the overall health of the economy I think…no matter what the government keeps telling us.
  • Specialty drinks help restaurants cope with slumping beverage margins. And they are tasty I might add!
  • Gluten free baked goods? Sound odd, but it looks like it has passed the trend phase. The good news is, all Genpak bakery products are 100% gluten free!

Food Packaging News

August 16th, 2013

Here are a few of the newsworthy articles involving food packaging, worth a look from this week.

  • I find the science behind human behavior fascinating. This piece talks about what prompts people to choose one type of snack over another when it comes to the type of package it comes in.
  • The correct type of food packaging can help prevent food waste.  So true!
  • Food tucks, now food trailers? Interesting concept. Note the comment about using compostable food packaging.
  • Portland, OR city council proposes a short sighed bill that will increase the cost of your food purchased from food vendors.  When will they learn that this type of bill does nothing more than making it hard for small business to thrive?