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Home Delivery Explosion Continues – Are you ready?

March 15th, 2017

The home delivery explosion isn’t ending any time soon. Are you ready? Every restaurant should be at least thinking about making this option accessible to their communities. On-demand food service delivery brings food directly from your restaurant to the customers, driven through mobile apps and online ordering.

Millennials are driving change in many different areas, food service included. As you might have guessed, Millennials are tech savvy, typically using up to two or three different devices each day. They are using said devices to connect with friends and companies, to research and review products, and to place food orders for delivery or take-out. They already love coming in to your restaurant, so why not connect to them when they don’t feel like eating out.

The restaurant industry is a roughly $490 billion market. Food delivery makes up 43% of that marketing and is continuing to grow. Engage with your loyal customers in and out of your restaurant. Millennials and Baby Boomers, alike, want great food at their finger tips. has a great article about how to get started with food delivery. There are lots of questions to ask before you get started in offering your food for delivery. Which service should I use, how will this change my business? Are we prepared to take on the increase in take-out orders? Do we have the right packaging for full meals to travel?

Genpak is here to help. Take a look at our home delivery video to get free samples, request a call, and learn more.


Genpak Food Container And Packaging Product Catalog

March 26th, 2016

Stay up to date with our newest on line flip book catalog. All our great products located in one digital, downloadable place!

New Product Announcement – Brand New Hinged Take-Out Container

March 19th, 2014

Introducing our brand new hinged take-out container that will Save You Money! The new 203CO completely eliminates the need for those super expensive side cups and lids. No longer do you need to place your coleslaw or baked beans into expensive side cups to go along with your take-out presentation. Now, just place those side items into the side compartments of this container, close it and serve it with confidence that your three course meal will not end up as a stew when your customer takes it home. At Genpak, we like to back up our claims with proof. Check out this very short video demonstrating the 203CO in action!